Current Projects

  1. "Hyflow"
    The HyFlowTM project is developing distributed transactional memory (DTM) as an alternative to lock-based distributed concurrency control.
    Type: Research project founded by NSF grants.
    Role: Researcher/Leader
    Start Date: 2011
    Web site:

Past Projects

  1. "Transactional Memories: Foundations, Algorithms, Tools, and Applications (Euro-TM)"
    Type: Cost Action
    Role: Researcher
    Start Date: fall 2010
    Ending Date: fall 2014
    Web site:
  2. "Cloud-TM"
    Type: FP7 Strep
    Role: Researcher
    Start Date: June 2010
    Ending Date: June 2013
    Partners: INESC-ID (coordinator), CINI (IT), Algorithmica S.r.l (IT), Red Hat Limited (IE)
    Web page:
  3. "ARISTOS"
    Type: FCT - All Scientific Domains 2009
    Role: Researcher
    Start date: Feb 2010
    End date: Feb 2013
    Participants: Inesc-ID (PT), Sapienza Rome University (Italy)
  4. Web page: